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Microsoft Store/AZSciTech Event

Microsoft Store/AZSciTech Event

Microsoft Store/AZSciTech Event

Microsoft Store/AZSciTech Event

Last Wednesday the Microsoft Store/AZSciTech Event went great! The demo of TIM prototype at the Microsoft Store in Scottsdale’s Fashion Square Mall was amazing and we got to show TIM to the customers that came to this event by making groups and running through the product for two different groups, and the kids loved Tim!. In our presentation we talked about invention and prototypes as well as the importance of innovation, creativity, writing, and education in the United States. We are very excited the children took a liking to our product and we are pumped to have the next presentation on Saturday the 25th from 3:30 pm -5 pm at the same location.

This week is really exciting for us! This Wednesday we have a presentation at the Microsoft Store in the Scottsdale Center. As part of the AZSciTech Festival we will give a presentation to an audience of  children and their parents. This presentation will help get word out about TIM and it will also inspire kids in their own inventive pursuits. Microsoft has been extremely helpful in the launch of this program and we are excited to have their support.

Look for more updates coming soon on TIM and our progress with this project.

Check out our promotion Video!

We have been working hard on the TIM (Text in Motion) promotional video. The whole team pulled together on this one – picking songs, writing scripts, recording voice, and filming our software in action. We worked with Blue Dream, LLC of Scottsdale, AZ on this project. Blue Dream did a great job – making it a pleasurable experience for us. Check our TIM (Text in Motion) site: in a couple weeks to see the finished video!

Hope everyone had a great a Veterans Day!

Our long weekend was filled with press conferences and promotion videos for TIM!

Who is Tim?

He is a 12 year old boy who is imaginative, adventurous, brave, has a sense of humor that never quits, and likes to write and tell stories about his adventures.

We are having two different artists come up with the actual face of the character so we will have his likeness when we start doing demos early January.  We will reveal his story and character at the product release.

Below is the link to the interview that aired on KTAR 92.3 FM on 11/16:

Things are taking off and we’re excited!

Homecoming this past weekend was so much fun! The experience revealed that people really like Text in Motion™ – kids loved it and adults loved it! Text in Motion™ is a popular product and has that “wow” appeal. In the next month we will release more information about Text in Motion™ to the press. We are starting to arrange school visits for the AZ SciTech Festival so we can pilot test Text in Motion™ with children and see how they interact with it. We are keeping the ball rolling to get out products out there!