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Category Archives: Mercury Innovative News

Last Wednesday the Microsoft Store/AZSciTech Event went great! The demo of TIM prototype at the Microsoft Store in Scottsdale’s Fashion Square Mall was amazing and we got to show TIM to the customers that came to this event by making groups and running through the product for two different groups, and the kids loved Tim!. In our presentation we talked about invention and prototypes as well as the importance of innovation, creativity, writing, and education in the United States. We are very excited the children took a liking to our product and we are pumped to have the next presentation on Saturday the 25th from 3:30 pm -5 pm at the same location.

Mercury Innovative’s team will demo their DescribeVision prototype and Rhetoristics Web Monitor at Arizona State University’s Homecoming events. The team will be at the Edson Entrepreneurial Initiative Booth on 10/29. Come visit us at the booth, try out our products, and say hi!

Mercury Innovative’s team is supporting the AZ SciTech Festival launch on Friday 10/21. Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer will launch the event with a press conference and our team will be there to support technology, science, and education in Arizona and the United States. Mercury Innovative will demo their products at the AZ SciTech Festival in February.

Winners of the 2011-12 Edson Student Entrepreneurial Initiative, past and present Mercury Innovative continues to exceed expectations. A recent relocation to the SkySong offices of Scottsdale, Arizona brings the company state of the art facilities. The new space provides tools for further excellence in every piece of software and service. We are also excited to share an array of Rhetoristics software to be made available this 2011 year. The most recent pilot testing will allow for a late Fall release of our Jury Modeler software!

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